Flute Fun Workshop – 18 March 2023

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Posted By: Beth Letts
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Date Posted: Wed, 26 Apr 2023
With trepidation and subdued excitement, a couple of dozen flautists put their flutes together while quietly chatting to those around them – where were they from, when had they last played their flute, had they played in a flute choir before, would they be daring enough to try out a bass or alto flute?

Smiles and a little nervous laughter as Charlie got us stretching our bodies before a few flute warm-ups. Nerves subsiding now, we stood ourselves in a semi-circle and the proper flute choir playing began.

Curiosity got the better of the more cautious of the attendees when they saw those who were feeling more plucky and eager having a go at playing bass flutes, alto flutes and piccolos. This was soon followed by smiles, and in some cases, sighs of relief, as everyone managed to make sounds on them. Over the afternoon, you could see a growing confidence from those new to these new instruments, as they realised they weren’t as difficult as we’d thought they would be. These instruments were added to our flute choir with different people playing them for each piece.

We played a wide variety of music, each piece giving challenges to the proficient (grade 8+) players, as well as those of us not quite so accomplished. Members of Peterborough Flute Choir were spread amongst us so there was always a friendly face, and a finger to point to the music if we lost our place. Parts were swapped around for each piece and by concert time we needed a dance card to make sure we knew which stand to play from for the different pieces.

There was time to relax, chat and snack on the delicious cakes, as well as chill before a finale concert featuring ensembles from Fenland Music Centre (recorders, strings, woodwind and brass) and our workshop flute choir.

Parents, partners and friends enjoyed listening to our music – they were very impressed with their family members playing alto and bass flutes but subsequently perhaps a little worried when they realised how much these instruments cost and how much their children/partners enjoyed playing them!

Beth - Peterborough Flute Choir and MD of Fenland Music Centre

Thank you Beth for inviting us to be a part of this brilliant event. You did an amazing job co-ordinating a smooth day.

For more photos from the day, take a look at the photo gallery 

Charlie (Chair)